專題討論三 Seminar (Ⅲ)

專題討論三 Seminar (Ⅲ)

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Course Information

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Course title Seminar (Ⅲ)
Semester 110-1
Designated for International Master/Doctoral Degree Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Instructor HSIEH YI-HUAN
Curriculum No. IPCS 7012
Curriculum Id No. 247 M0070
Class 02
Credit 1
Full/Half Yr. Half
Required/Elective Required
Time Monday 6,7(13:20~15:10)
Remarks The course is conducted in English。Classroom: Global Change Research Center G202


Course Syllabus

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Course Description --
Course Objective Seminar Objectives: Master’s Degree ● Seminar III : Finish literature review, research design, and proposal finalization. ● Seminar IV : Research completion. -- Seminar Objectives: Doctoral Degree ● Seminar III : Research question formation and its importance; finishing literature review and proposing research concepts. ● Seminar IV : Proposal of research plan, including: conceptual framework, research design and methodology, and anticipated results. ● Seminar V : Preliminary research results, students have to at least finish research required data collection and preliminary analysis. ● Seminar VI : Publish Doctoral Dissertation. -- Objective for “the final seminar”: Master’s seminar IV: research completion Doctoral seminar VI: publish doctoral dissertation → you need to be ready to pass the thesis/dissertation defense -- Starting from this academic year (September 2020) ●Students need to submit application for final defense to IPCS office before April 23 or November 23 in the semester you take your final seminar. If you don’t apply for defense, you fail the course. ●If you don’t pass your defense before the end of the semester you take the final seminar, you fail the course. You have to take the final seminar again when you are ready.
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